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DesignChange - graphic design

Graphic Design

You don’t have to be “born with it” to look great – create a logo design, corporate ID, marketing materials, and packaging that speak louder than words

DesignChange Mail

Design Change Mail

Stay ahead of the pack - benefit from custom-designed email templates and Janelle Gerrard’s secrets to successful email marketing

Janelle Gerrard - Brand Brain

Janelle Gerrard - Brand Brain

Brand development and branding strategies for businesses who want to stand out in a crowd

DesignChange Video

Design Change Video

Online marketing videos (web videos)  that will propel you to fame – well maybe at least capture the attention of a broader and more diverse audience

The Networker

The Networker

Leverage word of mouth marketing – subscribe to The Networker monthly newsletter for all the networking events on in the Hunter